Embedded Software and Embedded Security Services

Board Support Packages

A Board Support Package (BSP) is a software library that executes as soon as power is applied to an embedded board. Comprising of bootcode, Operating System initialisation code and device drivers, it forms the backbone of any embedded system, and it’s correct implementation is essential for long term reliability of an embedded system.

Application Level Software

Creating Embedded Software requires an in depth knowledge of the Operating System employed and the software constructs that are available to the developer. In our experience it is too common for the real time performance of a system to be crippled by inexperience or a lack of attention to detail. Please get in touch if you would like your next project to benefit from the very best Engineering Services.

Device Drivers

Device drivers are software libraries that talk to the hardware, and their faultless execution is vital to any embedded system. We have the experience to create drivers for any device, from high speed Infiniband and Ethernet connections, to low level SPI, I2C and Flash chips.

Yin yang diagram depicting a harmonic software system

Certificate Management

The correct use of valid certificates is the only way to establish the identity of an embedded device, and to enable the required encryption. Our experts take on the burden of managing certificates on your embedded system, leaving you to focus on your core application.

Device Security

A connected embedded device immediately becomes vulnerable to hackers, script kiddies and criminals hell bent on wreaking havoc with your well thought out business plan. We can assess, upgrade and monitor the security levels on your embedded system, closing system vulnerabilities and securing communications channels.

Data Encryption

With the growing Internet of Things, embedded devices are set to publish and subscribe to numerous streams of personal and device data. This data needs to be secured, and our experts are on-hand to implement, configure and test the necessary levels of encryption necessary to give you and your customers piece of mind.

Got A Project In Mind?

We fix, develop and test embedded software for the aerospace & defence industry specialising in DO-178C safety-critical testing. Speak to us. We have laser focus, unprecedented attention-to-detail and provide phenomenal value.