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VxWorks 6.9 64-bit driver for 10Gbps Mellanox chip

VxWorks 6.9 64-bit driver for 10 Gbps Mellanox Chip

Highly complex driver development

The Challenge

The client manufactures CPU boards and needed a 64-bit driver developing for a 10Gbps Mellanox Connect-X2 networking chip. Although there was an existing Linux driver and a comprehensive user manual, the source code was (as is usual with Linux), poorly documented and contained a number of idiosyncrasies.

The Solution

The Linux driver was ported to VxWorks, and upgraded for a 64-bit address space. After a lot of low level debugging and stress testing, we delivered a working reliable system.


Porting Linux Driver to VxWorks


Stress testing

Day Turnaround

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