Fast Boot with Intel Firmware Support Package

Fast boot with Intel Firmware Support Package

Pilots don’t like waiting for their hardware to boot…

The Challenge

The client was developing cockpit avionics hardware and required extremely quick bootup time for custom Intel Baytrail board running VxWorks 653. There was no emulator available for the Baytrail processor.

The Solution

The Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP) was used to replace the existing BIOS / bootrom combination, and the Baytrail CPU was simulated on Simics in order to get working code. Custom serial debug routines were created for the FSP boot code to get the code running on the real hardware. The system was then benchmarked and optimised, resulting in a very fast boot for the board.


Integrating FSP into VxWorks


Benchmarking and Optimisation

Day Turnaround

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