Audi zFAS

Audi Advanced Driver Assistance Technology

Advanced Driver Assistance for Audi

Cutting edge Automotive design and test

The Challenge

Audi were developing an extremely complex driver assistance system, integrating many software packages from many different companies onto brand new hardware. Audi needed to have expertise to help them to validate and test their software, whilst keeping to extremely tight schedules as new software components were continually delivered, tested and integrated into the whole system

The Solution

After some initial onsite consultancy, we took the zFAS hardware, along with Vector FlexRay analysis tools back to our offices to perform continuous ‘white box’ testing, ensuring that the software met the demanding requirements set by Audi. We were also tasked with investigating and, alongside Audi engineers, implementing the security systems, encryption and certificate stores for the zFAS hardware. Quite a responsibility!

Days working onsite

Days testing

Tests Executed

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