We leverage our extensive experience in Aerospace testing to deliver Continuous Integration and Continuous Test for Space Systems

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What We Do

We offer our services as an independent testing house for space systems and maximise quality using Continuous Integration and Continuous Test for space systems.

Space systems, like aerospace, demand the highest level of assurance that requirements have been met and that the delivered system is inherently safe for flight. In addition, the software within these systems undergoes continuous refinement and rework as requirements are changed and testing uncovers design and coding errors.

The days of long drawn out development cycles (think NASA Space Shuttle) are over. More adaptive processes are needed that leverage cutting edge development tools for Continuous Development and Continuous Test (think SpaceX).

Harmonic Software Systems has invested heavily in implementing these cutting edge tools to our software testing frameworks. We simulate hardware using QEMU and Renode, and spin up development and test environment using Docker, and drive it all from Jenkins to deliver Continuous Development and Continuous Test for Space Systems.

We use the following European Space Agency Standards to drive our quality processes for space systems :

European Space Agency – System Engineering General Requirements – ECSS-Q-ST-10C

– System engineering and requirements management

European Space Agency – Space Engineering for Software – ECSS-E-ST-40C

– Defines Development, Operation, Maintenance, Verification, Validation and Review

European Space Agency – Software Product Assurance – ECSS-Q-ST-80C

– Details Software Quality Assurance processes and requirements

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