We can help you with increasingly complex safety critical automotive systems.

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What We Do

Embedded Software Development and Test for Automotive Systems

We can design and test complex software utilising the following technologies and protocols:

  • Flexray
  • CANBus
  • Autosar
  • ISO26262
  • I2C and SPI

The path to self drive cars has most certainly started, but there is still a lot of development and testing to be done before we can realise the dream of Level 5 self driving automation. Millions of lines of computer code are needed, ideally borrowing levels of testing and code coverage found in aerospace projects.

Unfortunately the amount of software required in a modern car far exceeds that found even a few years ago, so a forward thinking company needs to employ the services of experts to ensure a quality product.

HSS partnered with Audi to provide whitebox testing for their zFAS driver assist control system, as well as to trouble shoot the real time scheduling of their control tasks.

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