Aerospace & Defence

We help you to create complex safety critical real-time systems requiring the highest levels of development and quality including DO-178C Level A safety-critical testing

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What We Do

DO-178C Safety-Critical Testing

We have experience in the creation of test harnesses that provide DO-178C level A evidence for functional testing, and using LDRA to provide near 100% code coverage. All requirements are traced through Polarion to generate the certification documents.

Systems Engineering

Our experience with aerospace and defence technologies allow us to bring the latest multicore and hypervisor technologies onto certified software platforms, whilst utilising tried and trusted communications such as AFDX, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, on Real Time Operating Systems such as WindRiver VxWorks 653, Greenhills Integrity or LynxOS.

On Site Consultancy

Sometimes you need an impartial expert on site, who can quickly assess a problem and implement a fix. It could be a system integration issue between tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers, or a nasty race condition that is difficult to catch. We can supply specialists that understand the unique challenges of real time systems and that have the experience to investigate and fix

Ports and Upgrades

Legacy systems need to be upgraded to new hardware or to the latest version of the Operating System, or completely ported to a different Operating System. Trust us to know the paths and pitfalls to help you through this process.

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Case Studies

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Got A Project In Mind?

We fix, develop and test embedded software for the aerospace & defence industry specialising in DO-178C safety-critical testing. Speak to us. We have laser focus, unprecedented attention-to-detail and provide phenomenal value.