Fix, Develop & Test Safety-Critical DO-178C Embedded Software Projects In A Game Changing Way

You know that DO-178C software project that suddenly comes apart? Fix a bit of code which causes two other problems! Software is suddenly found to not meet requirements! The project is over budget, with no end in sight, and DO-178C certification is a long way off. Sound familiar?

Harmonic Software Systems fixes, develops and tests embedded software for the aerospace & defence industry specialising in DO-178C safety-critical testing. Check out the videos below for an overview on how we use utilise an in-house cutting-edge software toolset, designed entirely around the needs of DO-178C. See how we use IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management Tools to handle the upstream and downstream impact of requirement changes for Dr Evil’s Global Domination Project.

Contact us for a demo to see first hand. The least you’ll get is some great advice on how to test systems and requirements and reduce risk and time to market for any given project.

A Quick Overview Of HSS Services

Dr Evil’s Requirement Change Causes DO-178C Mayhem

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Our Skills

Experienced with Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Industrial & Medical Systems

Independent Testing House (DO178C Level A and ISO26262)

Top Quality through Continuous Integration and Delivery

Device Drivers, Board Support Packages, Libraries and Complete System Developement

Embedded AI and Machine Vision

Experts in RTOS (VxWorks/Greenhills/QNX), Linux and Bare Metal

Hypervisors and Multicore


Our Testimonials

Ed worked as the Test Lead in a large DO-178C, level A certification project. He joined the project right from the beginning and wrote the test harness for PowerPC, paving the way for the rest of the test team (+/- 25  testers). During the project, Ed was the go-to person for difficult technical problems and safety considerations on testing.
Thomas Vijverberg

Senior Project Manager Services, Wind River

Ed’s knowledge of the Wind River tools and vxWorks RTOS is phenomenal. This combined with his structured approach to fault isolation and processor knowledge made his efforts invaluable to us.

Becker Vosloo

Senior Marketing Executive, Avionics Division, Saab South Africa

Harmonic Software Systems did the heavy lifting to get our safety critical medical device working, allowing us to concentrate on coding without specific VxWorks training. Harmonic exceeded expectations in their dedication to our project and in applying their extensive experience, enabling us to meet our tight deadlines.
Dr Andrew Cook

Lead Software Engineer, Organox Ltd


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