So You Have An Embedded Software Engineering Project In Mind?

Reduce your risk AND time to market by leveraging our embedded software engineering expertise for your embedded project.

We deliver well tested, well documented solutions for :

  • Bare Metal Systems
  • Real Time Operating Systems (VxWorks and VxWorks 653, Greenhills, QNX), U-boot
  • Embedded Linux, including Yocto
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs) and Device Drivers (SPI, I2C, Ethernet, NAND and NOR Flash, Filesystems, Graphics and display drivers, 1553 and Arinc 429)
  • Experience with X86, PowerPC and ARM devices
  • Multicore AMP and SMP systems, Hypervisors
  • Applications, User Interfaces, and Embedded Security
  • Embedded AI and Embedded Vision Systems
  • Testing and Optimisation
  • Certification and Safety Critical Systems (ISO 26262, DO-178C Level A, Misra C)

We have a wide range of customers from Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Industrial and Medical industries.

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Got A Project In Mind?

We fix, develop and test embedded software for the aerospace & defence industry specialising in DO-178C safety-critical testing. Speak to us. We have laser focus, unprecedented attention-to-detail and provide phenomenal value.