Embedded Software

Secure Embedded Software to Power the Future

We have been delivering world-class embedded software services for over 20 years!

We can deliver well tested, well documented solutions for :

  • Embedded Linux, including Yocto
  • Windows and Win 10 IoT
  • Real Time Operating Systems (VxWorks and VxWorks 653, Greenhills, QNX), U-boot and Bare Metal (simple ‘roll your own’ scheduling)
  • BSPs and Device Drivers (SPI, I2C, Ethernet, NAND and NOR Flash, Filesystems, Graphics and display drivers, 1553 and Arinc 429)
  • Experience with X86, PowerPC and ARM devices
  • Multicore AMP and SMP systems, Hypervisors
  • Applications, User Interfaces, and Embedded Security
  • Embedded AI and Embedded Vision Systems
  • Testing and Optimisation
  • Certification and Safety Critical Systems (ISO 26262, DO-178B Level A, Misra C)

We have a wide range of customers from Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Industrial and Medical industries.

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We are here to help you on your next embedded project.

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