Rust, VxWorks, Docker. Lots of juicy code snippets here!

DO-178C AI Demo #1 – Virtual DER

Our first AI agent, ‘Virtual DER’, uses a Large Language Model to interpret DO-178C standard and assist developers in certifying safety-critical avionic software.

Better Quality Design Docs with Graphviz

Graphviz is a powerful, free, opensource graph visualation software. See how Harmonic Software Systems use it in their workflow to optimise design documents.

Using Rust With VxWorks 7

Run fast and secure Rust applications on VxWorks. How to build and deploy a multi-threaded Dining Philosophers Rust application on VxWorks 7 from a Windows Workstation.

Using Emacs with VxWorks

Although VxWorks code can be developed from within the Workbench Eclipse environment, this documents how to develop VxWorks code from within Emacs.

The Death Of The V-Model

The V-Model of software development is widely in use today. However, it is fundamentally flawed and is responsible for many a failed project.

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