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Harmonic Software Systems have been providing software consulting services and real time systems of the highest possible quality since 1999. Backed by a wealth of experience in real time operating systems, embedded software development and embedded security, we provide software consulting services and embedded systems programming to guarantee a well documented, well tested software system that exceeds all expectations.

We pride ourselves on our unrivaled commitment to quality, which is en-grained throughout the company through the unique concept of a Harmonic Software System, a powerful software development philosophy. This philosophy complements the latest Agile software development techniques, delivering real benefits for our customers.

What Is A Harmonic Software System?


A Harmonic Software System is the product of a software process that involves a balanced, cohesive combination of documentation, development and testing, that has been honed through successive iterations of working, functional software, and that has had the highest quality standards applied throughout every facet of the development process.


Start Here! Documentation is vital, so define WHAT your software will do, and HOW it will do it, as best you can. You can (and should) come back and refine the documentation once you have more domain knowledge, which may require quick prototypes or mock-ups. Document your source code as you go, there is no room for unreadable undocumented software created by the resident big-headed genius who might leave tomorrow for a better offer.

Yin yang diagram depicting a harmonic software system


Finish the cycle with complete unit tests, integration tests, system tests, stress tests and acceptance tests. Update the documentation with the results of the tests, and if further iterations are necessary start the cycle again.


Then develop your code and your system, following a coding standard, using good source code control. Iterate as you go, developing unit tests to exercise your new code, and integration tests when modules are plugged together. Keep documentation and code comments current and accurate.

About Us

To form a new paradigm within the software industry by consistently delivering working, balanced, complete software solutions of the highest possible quality.

To turn the concept of a Harmonic Software System into a philosophy which is widely adopted within the software development community.

The concept of a Harmonic Software System has been created by Ed Liversidge, the managing director of Harmonic Software Systems Ltd, in an attempt to define the ingredients and mindset that are required in order to create quality software. It was born out of frustration. As a contractor, he saw software projects crippled with weak designs, outdated or non-existent documentation, unreliable hardware, a total lack of quality controls, or just too many hacks to get it working. The software development process ultimately caves in on itself unless the right approach is taken from the beginning. This approach involves careful planning, attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining an extremely high level of quality, and it must be consistently applied to all facets of the development process.

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